Whether you are new to MEDITECH or have been utilizing the software for many years, we offer expertise to assist with your implementation, upgrade or to perform a system review to optimize your utilization of the software.

Consulting Services

The Steve Holmes Group will be your primary support service for all implemented hardware and services. Our Team monitors our support lines for the most part 24/7 - 365 days a year.

We successfully developed many years ago the first Phlebotomy Solution offered by MEDITECH and  JJWild. We have continued that close working relationship with MEDITECH Development, as MEDITECH introduced and rolled out the MEDITECH Phlebotomy Solution for specimen collection and Positive Patient ID several years ago, the solution continues to be very successful. The Steve Holmes Group offering of MEDITECH's newest Expanse Phlebotomy solution is not simply hardware. We offer preconfigured equipment to the point that the solution is basically ready to use out of the box upon delivery. Our experts will walk you through the final steps of the set-up to insure that everything goes very smoothly and you have a very seamless transition to the new solution. The Steve Holmes Group provides the benefits of a pre-implementation review of your work flow, this understanding allows us to provide a very accurate quote for your budgeting purposes. We also support the entire implementation, and continue to support your solution post implementation.

ORM and SUR have become one of the most the most popular of our services over the past few years, with the emphasis on enhancing revenue, and improving accountability for your inventory and Patient charging of supplies. Upon completion of the  implementation and training, we have experienced significant improvement to Patient Revenue, a more accurate inventory, and a reduction on annual book to physical inventory adjustments. The key is identifying all items kept and used within the OR, Cath Lab, or other areas with high dollar products, and utilizing the Universal Product Number (UPN) we are able to better track item movement, and make it much easier for staff to identify the item in the Case Record, charge to the Patient and decrement the inventory, which will set up the automatic replenishment of supplies.. We also identify the GTIN information which assist the Hospital to meet the Meaningful Use Standards for Implants and Mechanicals. ORM and SUR are driven by the information built within the Materials Management Module, having the Materials Management information optimized, utilizing the UPN / GTIN barcodes, makes the integration between MM and ORM/SUR complete for optimal performance and results.

Contact us today to get started to discuss your specific needs. In today's world you need a service company with expertise in these areas, to insure the integration and the information will optimize the use of your MEDITECH software. Remember handhelds and scanners alone are not sufficient, if the data is not optimized for the utilization of the equipment.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and get you started saving money & maximizing  Patient Revenue today !!

Our Consulting Team has many years MEDITECH experience. We offer Application Design, Implementation and Optimization for the following MEDITECH Modules:

                                                  MATERIALS MANAGEMENT



                                                  MOBILE Specimen Collection

                                                  MEDITECH Expanse Phlebotomy

Our Materials Management services are targeted to automating your Supply Chain from the Manufacturer to the Patient and point of use. Our belief and strategies are based in Supply Chain Principles, combined with the optimization of the MEDITECH Materials Management software and hardware to perform the functionality utilizing barcode technology. Hardware is not enough in today's MEDITECH fully integrated software, the data populating the Dictionaries, adjustments to your work flow, and our recommendations will result in a decrease in expenses and provide many revenue enhancing opportunities, in areas of Nursing, Emergency Room, and most important Surgical Services, to include Cardiac Cath Labs as well as Interventional Radiology.


Materials Management

Mobile Phlebotomy