Needs Assessment

Printer Review

Device Work-flow Review - Lab - Nursing

Wireless Phlebotomy Review - devices will be pre-configured before shipped.

MM-SUR review for optimization - automation.

Materials Management Review - Current State - and recommendation for complete automation.

Patient Charge evaluation.

Professional Services

On-Site Review - typically 3 days, reviewing current state of your mobility and peripheral needs, including Materials Management, Materials Management / SUR, Wireless Specimen Collection, and printer needs.

Application setup, implementation and training. Our main focus is in Materials Management and SUR to insure the software is setup for total automation from the Receiving Dock, to the Point of Use. Additionally we provide implementation and training for the Wireless Specimen Collection and Pharmacy Applications. We also have a Team of experts to help in other Applications as needed.

Barcode Printing :

Admissions wristbands

Lab label

Pharmacy labels

Radiology Labels

Materials Management

Service Offerings

Barcode Scanning

Lab Receiving Specimens

Nursing Bedside Administration

Surgical Services SUR


Materials Management

Welcome to the new MEDITECH Expanse. Congratulations on your decision to move forward with Expanse!! Now that you have made your decision, partner with The Steve Holmes Group to handle all your mobility and peripheral needs. Our 30 years of MEDITECH experience with Applications and developing mobility and peripheral devices make us the perfect choice to review, assess your needs, optimize your software, and provide plug and play solutions as well as preparing the software, training and implementation programs. Whether you are new to MEDITECH or you are upgrading to Expanse give us a call today.

Call us today at 508-536-5612 or

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to get started and insure a successful implementation and building a long term relationship for all your current and future needs.

Mobility Devices

Bedside Medication Verification

Wireless Phlebotomy Specimen Collection

Materials Management