PHH Wireless Phlebotomy & POC 

Zebra, our Healthcare Partner for mobile devices, has announced a new model handheld, the TC52X, this new device has many upgrades to the existing model. We expect that delivery of the new model will begin around January 7, 2021. We are very excited about the new device, especially around the new camera and imager capabilities. If your Hospital is moving to or implementing EXPANSE, please contact us, and we will be happy to detail the benefits, and structure a plan for your mobile device deployment. The Steve Holmes Group not only provides the devices, but provides implementation assistance, training and support for your MEDITECH EXPANSE solutions. For more information please visit our EXPANSE pages on this site. We look forward to working with you and your Team for a successful implementation.

2020 has been a crazy year. From all of us at The Steve Holmes Group we honor and appreciate your brave service to your communities and to your Patients. Hopefully soon we will get back to some level of normalcy in the coming year. We also remember all those that have died, and their families during this pandemic.

Steve Holmes Group Welcomes TroyRx

Steve Holmes Group is introducing cloud-based Rx Software Solutions from TroyRx. Each option is purpose-built to improve the prescription experience for prescribers and their patients. The software fully and seamlessly integrates with all MEDITECH platforms.  

OptionRx  Drive digital transformation, compliance, and medication adherence at the time of prescribing with OptionRx. Deliver price transparency resources directly to the patient's smart phone or by printing materials during their visit. Educate, motivate and empower patients to take control of their prescription costs with OptionRx.

SecureRx  Complement your e-Prescribe initiatives with plain paper prescription printing through SecureRx. Eliminate risk and lower costs associated with other paper script options. Trusted and easily integrated with EHR workflows across thousands of locations.

Let's optimize the patient experience together with TroyRx solutions. Go to to sign up for a demo today!  


The much anticipated release of our new MEDITECH Materials Management handheld software is being released on January 1, 2021. As many of you know as both a customer and a Vendor I have been working with the MM Handhelds for about 30 years, this new release will be on an ANDROID platform. We certainly have come along way over the years, going back to when these handhelds communicated via a DG Terminal Server. The Steve Holmes Group will still support all versions that are actively being utilized across all MEDITECH platforms. We designed the new software to co-exist with your current software making it easier for you to transition onto the new platform gradually as devices fail over time, We are in the process of updating our website under the Materials Management tab, so please check back often to see the latest changes. If you would please mention this to your Materials Management folks as well, they can always reach me at 


The GTIN barcode has been a bit of a mystery for several years, and now has become a critical component to your documentation of the Operative Record, as well as Implant & Mechanical tracking, by the Federal Government. We have spent several years getting the programming of scanners and the smooth translation into MEDITECH software. MEDITECH has done an outstanding job ensuring that your Facility will be compliant providing you populate the appropriate information from the GTIN barcodes into your system. Please feel free to reach out to our in-house resident expert Heather Holmes, Heather has worked very closely with MEDITECH on several projects to provide a seamless and easy transition to fully utilize this GTIN barcode and achieve maximum Meaningful Use Scores.

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